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( 6201 ) Some people should just give up at engineering( or medical) ………i have.

( 6202 ) The Volume On The Video I’m Watching Is Too Low And I Can’t Turn It Up Anymore.

( 6203 ) A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it annoys enough people to make it worth while

( 6204 ) I am not as dumb as you look!!!

( 6205 ) Life is, after all, a gift…..

( 6206 ) A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down!!!

( 6207 ) Sometimes it’s good to be selfish. You have to claim what you want when you have the chance before someone else takes it away from you.

( 6208 ) If you’re going to talk about me behind my back, don’t smile at me to my face.

( 6209 ) Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that mean it all.

( 6210 ) बिकती है ना ख़ुशी कहीं, ना कहीं गम बिकता है. लोग गलतफहमी में हैं, कि शायद कहीं मरहम बिकता है..

( 6211 ) when i close my eyes i think of u and u der on my mind does it call love. No its just my dream ..

( 6212 ) Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is taint your mind and steals your joy.

( 6213 ) Pain happens when you care.

( 6214 ) चढ़ती थी उस मजार पर चादरें बेशुमार, और बाहर बैठा एक फ़क़ीर सर्दी से मर गया।

( 6215 ) Don’t waste your life trying to get back what was taken away.

( 6216 ) Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been in such a hurry to move forward. There comes a point when it becomes impossible to go back.

( 6217 ) The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life–mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.

( 6218 ) शिव की शक्ति , शिव की भक्ति और खुशी की बहार मिले , जिंदगी भर बाबा भोलेनाथ का असीम प्यार मिले , महादेव की कृपा से आपको खुशियाँ अपार मिलें महाशिवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें.

( 6219 ) Dear God, thanks for making me special. B-)

( 6220 ) My stars said I would meet the woman of my dreams tonight.

( 6221 ) Sometimes the only way we can find out what we are meant to be doing in life is to step out and try some things

( 6222 ) Life is like a camera…

( 6223 ) Breakup is just like having the worst nightmare after the best dream.

( 6224 ) ये बात और है के तक़दीर लिपट के रोई वरना ! बाज़ू तो हमनें तुम्हे देख कर ही फैलाए थे !!

( 6225 ) People say everything happens for a reason. So when I punch you in the face, remember I have a reason. 😉

( 6226 ) Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say

( 6227 ) You don’t need to waste your time on someone who only wants you around when it fits their needs.

( 6228 ) मेरे पिता ने कहा था कि दुनिया में दो तरह के लोग होते हैं : देने वाले और लेने वाले . हो सकता है लेने वाले बढ़िया खा लें , लेकिन देने वाले अच्छी तरह सोते हैं .

( 6229 ) when you ignore someone who ignores you, it upsets them because you’re ignoring them ignoring you.

( 6230 ) 18 years ago today I walked down the aisle and promised to love honor and cherish my lover and best friend, it is a decision I have NEVER regretted!

( 6231 ) Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning.

( 6232 ) Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.

( 6233 ) Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows

( 6234 ) नज़र से दिल में उतरना, बड़ी बात नहीं,जो रूह में उतरो, तो कोई बात बने.

( 6235 ) Tree is green. Sea is blue. Night is black. Milk is white. Friends are red. Because. My friends are my blood!!

( 6236 ) I don’t understand why people ‘touch wood’ for luck. I mean, it didn’t do Jesus any good.

( 6237 ) If you really like someone, there’s no such thing as not having enough time for them.

( 6238 ) When someone you even don’t know, hates you. That is when you know you’re the best !

( 6239 ) ऊँचा उठना है तो, अपने अंदर के अहंकार को निकालकर, स्वयं को हल्का कीजिये क्योंकि ऊँचा वही उठता है जो हल्का होता है !!!

( 6240 ) “Love is not finding someone to live with; it’s finding someone you can’t live without.”

( 6241 ) Broken people are dangerous because they know they can survive

( 6242 ) Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who takes your breath away. Not because you want them too, but because they were meant to, and that person will change your life forever.

( 6243 ) Life is an opportunity, Capture it !

( 6244 ) Sometimes the biggest problem is in your head. You’ve got to believe.

( 6245 ) Let your past make you better, not bitter.

( 6246 ) हम जितना जानते हैं उससे ज्यादा बुद्धिमान हैं.

( 6247 ) Everyone wants the truth, but no one wants to be honest.

( 6248 ) You’re not afraid of letting go, you’re just afraid of accepting the fact that it’s gone.!!

( 6249 ) If not now, when?

( 6250 ) विपरीत परस्थितियों में कुछ लोग टूट जाते हैं , तो कुछ लोग लोग रिकॉर्ड तोड़ते हैं.

( 6251 ) One of the things that may get in the way of people is that they’re not in touch with their passion. If you’re passionate about what it is you do, then you’re going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it.

( 6252 ) If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

( 6253 ) I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

( 6254 ) True friends see the hurt in your eyes while others are fooled by your smile

( 6255 ) Most smiles are started by another smile

( 6256 ) People who hurt you teach you the greatest lessons of life!

( 6257 ) The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

( 6258 ) When you learn to accept instead of expect, You’ll have fewer disappointments.

( 6259 ) Didn’t I already celebrate this birthday, like 2 birthdays ago?

( 6260 ) Faith doesn’t make things easy, just possible

( 6261 ) It’s better to regret tomorrow because of the choices I make today, than to regret tomorrow because of the choices someone made for me. If am to suffer the loss of my choices tomorrow let it be, maybe I’ll learn to be wiser in the future.

( 6262 ) “Hey,
I cant live without you.
I need you in my life.
Everyday I want to see your eyes.
Hold your hands n walk with you.
Every night I want sleep on your chest.
Wanna make love with you.
Wanna be a good mother to your kids.
Wanna be a good wife to you.
I want your love forever.
Then one day i will die on your lab.
But my love will never die for you.

( 6263 ) मैं जिस व्यक्ति से भी मिलता हूँ वह किसी ना किसी रूप में मुझसे बेहतर है.

( 6264 ) Everything happens for a reason. I will stand for that until the day I die.

( 6265 ) You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it.

( 6266 ) Beauty is skin deep but attitude is to the bone

( 6267 ) Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.

( 6268 ) If you accept the expectations of others, especially the negative ones, then you will never change the outcome.

( 6269 ) Many people have told me I’ve changed. But the truth is… I think I’ve just found myself.

( 6270 ) “Boy:
I Am Sure You Love To Cuddle
Your Teddy At Night
Ya He Is Surely My Cutey Pie
How About This Big Teddy(Me)
Replacing Him For The Rest Of Your Life

( 6271 ) All I got you for your birthday was this post. Hope you enjoy it! Try not to read it all at once. Happy Birthday

( 6272 ) I’m A Far Better Kisser Than Emraan Hashmi, But Not Getting Chance To Prove It.!!

( 6273 ) मुस्कुराने से भी होता है ग़में-दिल बयां, मुझे रोने की आदत हो ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं !!!

( 6274 ) कुछ मिनट में जिंदगी नहीं बदलती पर कुछ मिनट में सोच कर लिया हुआ फैसला पूरी जिंदगी बदल देता है इसलिए फैसलों को अहमियत दीजिये।

( 6275 ) Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us

( 6276 ) जरा देखो तो ये दरवाजे पर दस्तक किसने दी है? अगर ‘इश्क’ हो तो कहना, अब दिल यहाँ नही रहता.

( 6277 ) You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

( 6278 ) This is how it goes: I will respect those who respect me, and forget those who forget me. Simple as that.

( 6279 ) The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things people say you can’t 😉

( 6280 ) Is Your Life Boring? Yes? Then Type ‘I Love ‘ And Send It To All Your Relatives! Your Life Won’t Be Boring Anymore! 😛

( 6281 ) The People Who Have The Biggest Impact On Your Life Stay For The Shortest Time

( 6282 ) सपने के सच होने की सम्भावना ही आपके जीवन को रोचक बनाती है ।

( 6283 ) आशा जगे हुए व्यक्ति का स्वप्न है .

( 6284 ) How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.

( 6285 ) कुछ नशा तिरंगे की आन का है , कुछ नशा मातृभूमि की शान का है , हम लहरायेंगे हर जगह ये तिरंगा , नशा ये हिन्दुस्तां के सम्मान का है .

( 6286 ) मैंने गले में सारे ताबीज डाल के देखे हैं पर, जो तेरी यादों को रोक सके वो धागा मिला.

( 6287 ) Type In User Name. Notice Typo 1/10 Second After Hitting Enter.

( 6288 ) I’m visiting my high school. Every half year I do the exams, and then this year I’m going to graduate.

( 6289 ) when it comes to Christmas, Cher Lloyd and me have a lot in common: we’re both bloody rubbish at wrapping.

( 6290 ) Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You are overcome by the fact because you think you are

( 6291 ) True faith is never found alone;it is always accompanied by expectation.The man who believes the promises of God expects to see them fulfilled. Where there is no expectation, there is no faith…

( 6292 ) One day, we will never have to say goodbye, only goodnight.

( 6293 ) I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

( 6294 ) Together forever we’ll never be apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.

( 6295 ) To my friends and family, near and far, I love you all and hope you have a very Merry Christmas..

( 6296 ) जो चाहा वो मिल जाना सफलता है . जो मिला उसको चाहना प्रसन्नता है .

( 6297 ) Strength is nothing more than how well we hide the pain

( 6298 ) To all my haters, remember, its mind over matter: I don`t mind & you don`t matter..

( 6299 ) When certain people bring nothing but drama to the table….It’s time to let them eat by themselves!!!

( 6300 ) “आप वो फूल हो जो बागों में नही खिलते , आसमान के तारे भी आप पर नाज है करते , अनमोल है आपकी खुशी मेरे लिये , ढेर सारी खुशियाँ आये जन्मदिन पर आपके लिये . Wish You Happy Birthday”