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( 1201 ) Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.

( 1202 ) इश्क़ तो बस नाम दिया है दुनिया ने, एहसास बयां कोई कर पाये तो बात हो .

( 1203 ) Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life

( 1204 ) I hate being broken.I hate that i cannot go back.
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( 1205 ) अगर हमारी उल्फतों से तंग आ जाओ तो बता देना ,हमें नफरत तो गवारा है मगर दिखावे की मोहब्बत नहीं.
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( 1206 ) When I die my gravestone is going to have a ‘Like’ button.

( 1207 ) “क्या लिखूँ , अपनी जिंदगी के बारे में. दोस्तों. वो लोग ही बिछड़ गए. ‘जो जिंदगी हुआ करते थे !!
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तेरी सूरत को जब से देखा है मेरी आँखों पे लोग मरते हैं.
If you’re struggling, that means you’re progressing.
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सार्थक जीवन में समस्याएं हो सकती हैं, परन्तु उसमें कोई पश्चाताप नहीं होना चाहिए |
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तीन शब्दों में मैंने ज़िन्दगी में जो कुछ भी सीखा है उसका सार दे सकता हूँ– ज़िन्दगी चलती जाएगी.
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आयु सोचती है, जवानी करती है.
The hardest thing in life is letting go of what you thought was real.
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You should have two Facebook accounts. One for each face.
I Pay no mind to those who talk behind my back, it simply means that I am two steps ahead.
Its funny how when you go through the year nothing seems to change… but when you look back everything is different.
Being a great mother is a very hard role, but mother u r the star for this one I know, I love you Mom.
You can’t just wish on a star and expect things.
Don’t let anyone hold you back. It’s your life. Sometimes, you have to take back control of your own life.
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एक पति की तुलना चाबी के खिलौने से की जा सकती है।
I wish I could press fast forward to see if it’s actually worth it
Why fit in when you were born to stand out
Promises are just lies tied in a pretty bow..
I text you because I want to have a conversation with you. Not to get one word answers.
उसकी मुहब्बत का सिलसिला भी क्या अजीब है, अपना भी नहीं बनाती और किसी का होने भी नहीं देती….!!
उम्मीद और विश्वास पर ही दुनिया कायम है !!!
प्यार की गहरायी की सीमा तब पता चलती है, जब बिछुड़ने का समय होता है।
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Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results
When things goes wrong, don’t go with them 🙂
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Hug me when I’m there, miss me when I’m not, kiss me every day, and love me for all eternity.
जीवन में आनन्द को कर्तव्य बनाने की अपेक्षा कर्तव्य को आनन्द बनाना अधिक महत्वपूर्ण हैं|
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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
“”सबके दिलों में हो सबके लिए प्यार,

( 1208 ) आनेवाला हर दिन लाये खुशियों का त्यौहार,

( 1209 ) इस उम्मीद का साथ आओ भूलके सारे गम

( 1210 ) न्यू इयर को हम सब करें वेलकम!””

( 1211 ) जब किसी का पिता अच्छा ना रहा हो तो उसे एक बनना चाहिए !!

( 1212 ) Don’t shush your inner voice, it’s who you really are

( 1213 ) If you find a girl who’s willing to go through hell just to keep your relationship going, you really shouldn’t take her love for granted.

( 1214 ) Spend your time with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress.
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( 1215 ) Live for today, pray for tomorrow.

( 1216 ) The more I think of you, the less I think of you.
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( 1217 ) I miss the time when you just wanted to spend every second of your life with me.
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( 1218 ) Great things never get done in a hurry.

( 1219 ) A day will come when the world will celebrate your name, your fame, your personality and your views. But April Fool comes once in a year and that your day. 🙂

( 1220 ) Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having.
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( 1221 ) If you desire many things, many things will seem few.
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( 1222 ) If you’re not working on trying to be mine, you shouldn’t be worrying about what’s consuming my time.

( 1223 ) Emotions know no Logic

( 1224 ) I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

( 1225 ) आज सड़क पर निकले तो तेरी याद आ गईतूने भी इस सिग्नल की तरह रंग बदला था.

( 1226 ) I wish you weren’t in my dreams.

( 1227 ) Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

( 1228 ) प्रसन्नता” शब्द अपना मतलब खो देगा यदि उसे दुःख से संतुलित नहीं किया जाये .

( 1229 ) A mans work is from sun to sun, but a Father’ss work is never done!!!!
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( 1230 ) The hardest part of ending is starting again.

( 1231 ) Anniversary is repetition of promises made with each other, love gets stronger.

( 1232 ) A person usually has two reasons for doing a thing; one that sounds good and a real one.
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( 1233 ) Being left alone, with my mind, is actually quite dangerous
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( 1234 ) You can only control so much, in the end the rest is up to fate.

( 1235 ) है कोई वकील इस जहान में, जो हारा हुआ इश्क जीता दे मुझको.

( 1236 ) Dear life, when I asked if my day could get any worse, it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge.

( 1237 ) I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

( 1238 ) “””If som1 throws a stone at u,throw back flower at him,said GANDHIJI.
..Bt make sure u throw it with d flowervase;-)

( 1239 ) The times in life, that seems to be the worst, always turn out for the best!
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( 1240 ) Sometimes life throws at us the unexpected. You either learn to roll with the punches or get knocked down by them.

( 1241 ) My kids don’t watch my movies. What I want to do is go home and hug my kids, talk to them and engage with them.
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( 1242 ) Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake.
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( 1243 ) Seek respect, not attention.

( 1244 ) When I Show you a picture on my phone..don’t swipe left.don’t swipe right.Just look.
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( 1245 ) You can only fake that everything is ok for so long. Then you just hit that point
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( 1246 ) एक पिता हमेशा अपनी बेटी को एक छोटी औरत बना रहा होता है . और जब वो औरत बन जाती है तो वापस उसे पहले जैसा बना देता है !!

( 1247 ) किसी वृक्ष को काटने के लिए आप मुझे छ: घंटे दीजिये और मैं पहले चार घंटे कुल्हाड़ी की धार तेज करने में लगाऊंगा .
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( 1248 ) Why girls are not in sports?? Only 4% are playing hockey, tennis and cricket.. Bcoz . . . Other 96% are busy in playing with boys 🙂

( 1249 ) You want more money, people are in poverty.
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( 1250 ) Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.

( 1251 ) You laugh at me because I am different, I laugh at you because you are all the same.
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( 1252 ) The greatest risk in life is not taking one.

( 1253 ) Take a stand. Hold on tight. This is life and the ride might get a little bumpy.
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( 1254 ) Give thanks to God for whatever happens in life. Nothing is a mistake. An end leads to a new start.

( 1255 ) Heart never hate blood! Flower never hate honey! My heart never hate you and your friendship!!!

( 1256 ) I feel so miserable without you; it’s almost like having you here!!!
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( 1257 ) accept what you cannot change, change what you cannot accept!

( 1258 ) चली जाने दो उसे किसी ओर कि बाहों मे ।। इतनी चाहत के बाद जो मेरी ना हुई, वो किसी ओर कि क्या होगी ।

( 1259 ) असफलता से मत डरिए ! कोशिश तो कीजिये 🙂
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( 1260 ) Why do I need a date for Valentine’s Day? I can buy my own damn flowers & box of chocolate…
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( 1261 ) The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said.

( 1262 ) “””आयी है सुबह वो रोशनी लेके
जैसे नए जोश कि नयी किरण चमके
विश्वास की लौ सदा जलके
रखना देगी अंधेरो में रास्ता दिया बनके””

( 1263 ) The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway.

( 1264 ) हर रात के बाद सवेरा आता है ! खुशियाँ जरुर आएँगी ! धैर्य रखिये 🙂

( 1265 ) Letting go doesn’t mean that we forget but it does mean that we can move on without regrets and without pain. Don’t let the past ruin your present and let the present tell you the future

( 1266 ) When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

( 1267 ) बड़ा सोचो , जल्दी सोअचो , आगे सोचो . विचारों पर किसी का एकाधिकार नहीं है .

( 1268 ) “Mitha Intazar Aur Intazar Se Bhi Yaar Mitha,
Mitha Yaar Aur Yaar Se Bhi Pyar Mitha,
Mitha Pyar Aur Pyar Se Mithi Apni Yaari,
Happy Chocalate Day
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( 1269 ) You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands your own.
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( 1270 ) If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
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( 1271 ) Error: status unavailable

( 1272 ) As Christmas began in the heart of God Let us complete that love by extending our hearts to others.

( 1273 ) Do as you will yet harm none

( 1274 ) Girl, you better have a license, cuz you are driving me crazy!

( 1275 ) In the times of crisis i was not hurt by the harsh words of my enemies, but by the silence of my friends!

( 1276 ) I wish memories were text messages…you could delete the ones you don’t want and keep the special ones forever!!!

( 1277 ) Beauty Fades After Time, But Personality Is Forever!

( 1278 ) सभी हीरो नहीं बन सकते। हीरों के गुजरने पर तालियां बजाने के लिए भी तो कुछ लोगों की जरूरत पड़ती है।

( 1279 ) नफरतों के बाजार में जीने का अलग ही मजा है लोग “रूलाना” नहीं छोडते और जिंदादिल ” हसना ” नहीं छोडते ।

( 1280 ) Your looks don’t make you pretty, it’s the person inside who makes you pretty.

( 1281 ) Change will always come, not because it has to, not because it wants to, but because it’s necessary.

( 1282 ) May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
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( 1283 ) Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.
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( 1284 ) You will find a girl prettier than me, smarter than me, and funnier than me, but you will never find a girl just like me.

( 1285 ) Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one would believe it.
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( 1286 ) Sometimes the only way to win the fight, is to just walk away.

( 1287 ) The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.
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( 1288 ) जिसे आज मुजमे हजार एब नजर आते हे , कभी वही लोग हमारी गलती पे भी ताली बजाते थे !!

( 1289 ) Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello….
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( 1290 ) If you don’t have a valentine, hang out with your girlfriends, don’t go looking for someone. When it’s right, they will come to you.

( 1291 ) जीवन ना तो भविष्य में है और ना ही अतीत में है जीवन तो केवल इस पल में है इसी पल का अनुभव ही जीवन है !

( 1292 ) sometimes you are just stupid. you have the best thing in front of you but turn around & go to the worst

( 1293 ) Do you know that those who appear strong, in fact have a very emotional heart and are very vulnerable?
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( 1294 ) People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.
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( 1295 ) मैं बस अपने पिता के साथ अध्यन कर रहा था , मेरे लिए एक बहुत ही कठिन काम क्योंकि वह एक बहुत महान कौवाली गायक थे .

( 1296 ) If you want to be rude then you should become a celebrity.

( 1297 ) If nobody hates you, you are doing something boring.

( 1298 ) To become a bigger person, walk into a bigger vision.

( 1299 ) Why are nipples so important like you could have as much boob out as you want but as soon as there’s nipple involved all hell breaks loose.

( 1300 ) Sometimes when you love someone who isn’t right for you, no matter how much you love them and want them back you have to let them go..